Company Overview

Company Name

GaiaX Co.Ltd. (“GaiaX”)

Head Office

Nagatacho GRID, hirakawa-cho 2-5-3 , chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Yuji Ueda


March 5th, 1999


100,000,000 Yen

Number of employees

127(As of end of July, 2015)

Average age of employees

31.7 years old(As of end of October, 2014)

Main services

  • Web Integration Service: Plan, create and manage of online communities represented by
    blog and SNS sites
  • Community Patrol Service (CPS): Monitor the posts and comments on bulletin boards in
    online communities for safe operation
  • Facebook Patrol Service: Specialize on Facebook with the provision of CPS
  • Social Game Support Service: Provide user support for social game/application providers


The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd., Harajyuku brabch
Resona Bank
The Shoko Chukin Bank

Affiliated organizations

"Making net safe" promotion council - mobile contents monitoring and examination (EMA)

Main Clients

NTT Communications Corporation
Rinnai Corporation
Sumitomo Corporation
Gourmet Navigator Inc.

Scope of Certification

Monitoring operation service
Development and Operation of monitoring system
E-mail support service

Certified offices

Tokyo Head Office: 247 Division/ System Engineering Division
Administration & Human Resources Division
Fukuoka Office: 247 Division


On February 1st, 2005, GaiaX was granted the "Privacy Mark (P-Mark)" by Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC). We will continue to maintain and improve our personal information protection system to ensure trust-worthy and safe services to our clients.


In December 2009, GaiaX was granted the certificate of compliance with ISO/IEC27001: 2005 by the Information Security Management System (ISMS), the international standard for information security.

Business Overview


GaiaX Group focuses on supporting social services such as Mini-blog (represented by Twitter) and Social Networking Services (represented by mixi and Facebook) by providing one-stop solutions.

The one-stop solutions include creating and operating online communities, constant monitoring of online bulletin boards and the postings to construct safe environment, and offering user support for the social applications.

Internet Community Service

Our Internet Community Service provides integrated web services for online communities (such as blogs and SNS), which includes planning and structuring, architecting systems, maintaining infrastructure, designing infrastructure, and managing websites. We also provide “Community Patrol” which is a 24 hour monitoring service for online communities.

In recent years, we have also been focusing on providing user support services for the social applications and monitoring postings on Facebook. Since our establishment, we have consistently specialized in the online communities. We have made our best effort to build numerous communication services to contribute to the prosperous growth and rich environment of the Internet society.

Player Feedback Listening

Our Player Feedback Listening provides aggregating and analysis services for mobile game applications. We collect player feedback and comments from over 90 game review sites, and analyze these data into comprehensive reports that can be used for improvements in game development.

Social Application Support

Our Social Application Support provides 24/7 e-mail support services for mobile game applications. Our expertly trained operators handle thousands of queries from users and players, and attend to their concerns and problems with swift efficiency and accuracy. Our service aims to build a reliable connection between game developers and their users.