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Gaiaxでのワークミッションは? What is your work mission?

Love what I do and do what I love.

いつからGaiaxにいる? / How long have you been with Gaiax?

Since 2000.

どうしてGaiaxにはいった? / Why did you come to Gaiax?

I came to Gaiax as a programming intern because I wanted to learn programming and prove myself capable of any challenge. After developing a few mobile phone apps, I was asked to start my own project and that kind of flexibility and freedom within the company really excited me.  After my internship ended, I decided to stay and I have never regretted my decision since.

あなたにとって仕事とは? / What is work to you?

Work for me is the outlet of my passion. I realize myself through work because it reflects my interests, my talents and my desire to be useful and make an impact.

プロフェッショナルスキル / Professional skills

Web design, Digital illustration, 2D animation, 3D modeling and texturing, photography, videography, post-editing, copywriting

自分のことを3つの言葉で表すと? / Describe yourself in 3 words

Catastrophically awkward but adventurous Instagram-scroller 🙂

好きな言葉何?その理由は? / What is your favorite saying and why?

“Life doesn’t owe you any favors.” It’s from an old movie I used to love as a teenager. It made a big impact on me because I had a rather entitled attitude towards life. People around me love to complain and project their expectations on others. I choose not to rely on favors but do everything myself. It is my curse and my blessing. ^-^

恥ずかしい秘密を教えて / Please share your embarrasing secret

I went to Takkie and Tsubasa concert once and I still have their special edition CD..

乗り越えた苦難は? / What is the hardship you had to overcome?

The death of my grandfather put my family in extreme poverty and with the crush of the Soviet union and the hungry Perestroyka years that came right after, I had to learn to live with little and enjoy even less. I am grateful for the experience because it imprinted important values on me and throughout my life helps me stay focused on my priorities.

どういう子供だった? / What were you like as a child?

I lived in my own world. I spent my free time reading tons of books, mostly of foreign writers or historical novels. I roled-played with dolls till I was 16 and then continued my virtual adventures in computer games.


Gaiax intro


Gaiax IPO party 2016

Gaiax 10周年記念パーティー 2016


Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017 Design stage


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